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Reversible 2-In-1 Flip Zee Girls Doll Review

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Disclosure: We were provided a sample doll for purposes of reviewing and showcasing in our Holiday Gift Guide. As always, the opinions expressed herein are strictly our own. We are providing honest feedback in exchange for the product. This post includes affiliate links.

Flip Zee Girls are soft, cuddly 2-in-1 dolls that transform from baby to big girl. These adorable dolls are terrific for the child that likes to play with dolls that “grow up” during play. Victoria has always done this with barbies and other dolls. She would play with them through stages of life. She did the same with the Toddler Disney Princess dolls and Our Generation dolls, ensuring that selected those that looked alike. I was fascinated with this as it never occurred to me to play in such a manner. I didn’t hide 1/2 my dolls for the second act when I was a child.

So naturally, when I learned of Flip Zee Girls, I immediately thought of Victoria and her style of doll play. The Flip Zee Girls are packaged as infants swaddled in a blanket with a bonnet. The bonnet flips back to reveal a fuller face and lots of colorful hair. The swaddle flips open to reveal the dolls body, arms and legs… not to mention the fashionable dress. So cute. So cuddly. So perfect for bedtime buddies.

And because they are so soft, they make the perfect car companion. Especially for those that easily fall asleep in the car and need a cushion to soften the ride. I highly recommend Flip Zee Girls for family travel.

You can find Flip Zee Girls in our Holiday Gift Guide… might make a terrific pre-holiday gift if you expect to be on the road. Which dollie is your favorite? (PS – Only 1 comes with cat ears!!)

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FlipaZoo 2 In 1 Stuffed Animal Plush Toy Holiday Gift Guide Review

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Flipa Zoo
Disclosure: While we were provided samples of the FlipaZoo plush, the opinions expressed herein are strictly our own. We only provide honest reviews and feedback. Thank you Jay at Play for the review items. #sponsored This article may include affiliate links.


FlipaZoo – cuddly animal plush toys that are actually two toys in one. Each FlipaZoo converts into a second zoo animal. Simply flip the back or the body of the animal over its head and it transforms into another pet. These super soft pets will easily become a favorite sleeping buddy, tv watching companion and travel friend.


This holiday season consider pre-purchasing zoo tickets or a family membership and attaching it to a FlipaZoo, giving both an experience and a toy in one.  We enjoyed talking about our recent trip to the Cape May Zoo when these guys arrived for review. Turtles are a family favorite, so it was easy to get attached to the turtle one.

These zoo buddies are perfect for cuddled storytime. We decided to read about elephants, tigers and turtles… given those are the FlipaZoo friends we received.

FlipaZoo is available at Walmart and Amazon for approx $20 making them a very affordable gift idea.  Grab a couple of these cuddle buddies for the cuddle bugs in your lift and enjoy the snuggles.

With the holidays coming… children’s lists are created and “hot” toy guides are everywhere. We’ve got one too and you can find all sorts of excitement for the young at heart on your gift buying list. Check ours out below.

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Satisfy Your Curiosity With Curious George

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As Ambassadors for the day, Mark and Victoria were invited for a complementary blogging tour of the Liberty Science Center. Admission tickets are in exchange of this honest review where all ideas and opinions expressed are strictly that of myself, Mark and Victoria. #Sponsored


A key to enhancing your child’s learning experience is to tap into their natural curiosities.  So naturally we were very excited when the opportunity arose to check out the new Curious George exhibit at Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ. It was a hike for us South Jersey folks but well worth it. Victoria and Mark had the opportunity to explore the exhibit as part of a special bloggers event, and we’re here to give you the inside scoop.


Curious George: Let’s Get Curious! is on display now through January 8th, 2017 with plenty for our youngest explorers to discover. Children are encouraged to get curious and hands-on. The exhibit is, in part, retrospective of Curious George’s career with artifacts from his classic tv show and stories. Curious George as an astronaut, farmer, and construction worker… taking you back yet? The showcase features snippets of his greatest adventures. Like Barbie, he’s done a little of everything.


There are several interactive and super creative areas like this rocket-ship below. This was probably one of the most popular attractions with spiral stairs. As was the Farmer’s Market with a register, aprons and the full feel of running a market/store.


Toward the back of display, the writer’s story comes to life with an old time office and memorabilia. Victoria was obsessed with the phone and office set up. She returned at least three times to this display and was completely wrapped up in her own world of imaginative play.


Another family favorite was the Barn – equipped with a crafting area and a wind sock (how cute). Victoria made a pin wheel. And again the imagination kicked in with her playtime. The exhibit was beautifully decorated with murals from scenes of the books along the walls including a bakery, city, farms and a park. It really came to life with extras like park benches, balloon trees and Curious George for pictures. The construction zone was impressive with a two-story crank taking foam blocks to the top level.


Mark was really impressed with the mini golf arrangement with 3 little holes interactive with cranks and ramps. He felt it was “a very creative use of PVC piping as tunnels”. He was equally taken back with the apartment scene whereas Curious George was hanging onto a rope to clean the windows… another famous scene from his stories. The front of the building had wheels and pulleys with ropes to pull George up and down to clean the apartment windows. The whole exhibit had quite a lot to take in, including the lobby with a doorman dress up station, mail cabinets and an interactive elevator.


Young visitors are invited “to let curiosity and inquiry be their guides as they explore familiar buildings and locales from the “Curious George” books and television series on PBS KIDS. The exhibit presents key concepts in science, math and engineering, which are woven throughout the exhibit.” – LSC Press Release Sept 2016

The Liberty Science Center did an amazing job incorporating a childhood and family favorite classic: Curious George (and the Man with the Yellow Hat) into a fully engaging exhibit promoting the experiment of weight, size & sorting, engineering concepts,  light & shadow, physics, creativity, and wind power. A beautiful blend of exploration and nostalgia.

Wanna Visit? Win a Family Four Pack of Tickets

We are excited to announce a giveaway for one lucky family, winning a four-pack of tickets to the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ. Admission to Curious George: Let’s Get Curious Exhibit is included in general admission. This prize pack is worth up to $87. Click on the Rafflecopter Giveaway below to enter the contest.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Liberty Science Center has far more than this “museum within a museum”. Be sure to check out all of their programs – something for everyone ages 0-99. We are greatly looking forward to sharing additional articles highlighting some of their other permanent exhibits. So definitely stay tuned.

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Matilda the Musical – Academy of Music

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Thank you Kimmel Center for supporting Homeroom At Home and our mission. This is a sponsored article whereby we were provided tickets to the show and attended a promotional party.

Matilda flyerNothing like a little rebellion to get some kids’ attention. And so be it… along with the perfect children’s Broadway performance: Matilda The Musical. If it takes a little sass to get children interested in the theater arts… well, I’m all for it. This fun musical comes with some super catchy (parents be warned) sassy songs.

20151118_113502Matilda The Musical is based off of Roald Dahl’s children’s book, Matilda. As summarized by The Guardian the story is “about a smart, easily infuriated little girl who is misunderstood by her parents and loathed by the school’s headmistress. On the other hand her kind and generous teacher, Miss Honey, thinks she is a brilliant academic genius. Matilda has a number of excellent schemes in her head to teach her nasty parents and headmistress a lesson.” Roald Dahl is known for his quirky, imaginative humor that keeps children engaged. I was excited to find this story on our book shelf for a later read (recommended for ages 7-11). By the way, love the review on Kids’ Book Reviews for this title… so be sure to check it out too. And speaking of checking things out, click below for a quick recap of Matilda the Musical.

My daughter and I are looking forward to the Broadway performance of Matilda The Musical, singing all the way there. The performance is held at the Academy of Music from Nov 17th through the 29th. Tickets are discounted 35% using QUIET as the promo code.

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Smokey Bear Reminds Us of Wildfire Prevention

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Guest post by Renee Kemper of Element Associates

Smokey Bear reminds us to prevent forest wildfires

It is that time of year. That time when the leaves are changing, the ground is covered in a sheet of different shades of orange, red and brown, and the smell of campfires fills the air. Maybe you are thinking of gathering up your things in hopes for a weekend getaway in the woods. Because this is perfect weather for camping, after all. But before you head out on your journey to get away from civilization and relish nature, please remember how important it is to take care of that very nature you are about to enjoy.

Although most of us don’t behave this way intentionally, each year we learn of devastating wildfires caused by careless behavior which can impact millions of acres of forest and thousands of homes. Although four out of five wildfires are started by people, nature is usually more than happy to help fan the flames.
In 2014 there were 7,933 wildfires caused by lightning, but 55,679 wildfires caused by human error (as reported to the National Interagency Fire Center).
In 2014 more than 3.5 million acres burned due to wildfires in the U.S. of those, more than 1.5 million acres burned due to human-caused wildfires.
Wildfires can have a devastating effect on the environment. Uncontrolled blazes fueled by weather, wind, and dry underbrush, wildfires can burn acres of land—and consume everything in their paths—in mere minutes. Not to mention, it will ruin the very piece of nature that you are setting out to enjoy.

So before you set out on your weekend adventure to explore and enjoy nature. Please join me in taking the Smokey Bear Pledge!

Smokey Bear reminds us to take care of our forest and prevent wildfires.

I pledge to:
•  To use caution and common sense before lighting any fire.
•  To understand that any fire I or my friends create could become a wildfire.
•  To understand and practice proper guidelines whenever I or my friends create a fire outdoors.
•  To never, ever leave any fire unattended.
•  To make sure any fire that I or my friends create is properly and completely extinguished before moving on.
•  To properly extinguish and discard of smoking materials.
•  To be aware of my surroundings and be careful when operating equipment during periods of dry or hot weather.
•  To speak up and step in when I see someone in danger of starting a wildfire.

Smokey Bear reminds us to care for our forests and prevent wildfires.Taking a few simple steps while you are enjoying yourself can prevent so much future damage. Know what you need to do before you ever leave your house. Be prepared, be ready, and be safe!

Learn how to build a SAFE campfire to prevent wildfires
Campfire Safety
See how easily burning debris can start a wildfire
Debris Burning
Understand how proper equipment maintenance can reduce wildfires
Equipment Maintenance
Safety is not only important indoors, but also around your property and community
Community Fire Safety
How to prevent and detect fires inside your home
Home Fire Safety

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Tuckerton Food Truck Fest Featured Flavorful Family Fun

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#Sponsored post whereby we were compensated to attend this event and provide our honest perspective. As always all content provided within strictly expresses my own opinion. Thank you to Real Mom Media for arranging this review.


Truckerton Food_Beer Fest

20150815_140935_resized(1)Every year for the past several years, we’ve been fortunate enough to experience something different at the Tuckerton Seaport & Bayman’s Museum.  Make no mistake that their is plenty to experience without the festivals but here we want to share the highlights of the most recent Tuckerton Seaport festival: Truckerton Food Truck & Craft Beer Fest. With over 20 food and beverage vendors… there was certainly something for everyone. From crepes and waffles to spingrolls and beef brisket… come on who wouldn’t have an amazing shove.your.face good time?  (Caution: Please be sure to drink plenty of fluids… these trucks put out some heat and standing under the sun in line… can kinda melt you. Seriously.)

Since it was just me and the little one, I really only had MY hands20150815_123312_resized to work with… seriously who wants to chance dropping a $14 lobster sandwich? So here’s a quick tip: bring a shallow box that you can carry all your yum-yum in while you go from one truck to another before settling on your blanket or whatever. Oh yeah that lobster sandwich on a melted butter roll… #Amaze and here’s a pic.

20150815_142326_resizedThere is so much education packaged into a trip to Tuckerton Seaport and you can read our earlier reviews the lighthouse, boathouse and Pirate Festival for a glimpse of all that is offered but regarding the Truckerton Food Festival, parents can highlight global cuisine like Jamaican, Italian, Polish, and others. Food festivals like this become a wonderful way to sneak in a little summer learning since everything is so tasty… or disgusting… but either way it’s educational.

20150815_123406_resized 20150815_123023_resized 20150815_122005_resized





2015-08-22 12.42.23_resized

20150815_121822_resizedWe made a day of this event between all the good eats, the boardwalk along the water and miniature golf. We had plenty to keep us entertained. I even squeezed in a little nap. You see, after sizing up the food trucks and grabbing our first sample, we set out to find a small patch of shade… which we did behind a row of trucks. Since we packed our “Mom’s Tote Of Awesome” we had some low key things to do while we enjoyed being outside, stretched out on our blanket. I got a few minutes to snooze while Victoria colored and played with a new game, Riddle Cube.

So what did we nosh on?  Well, clearly we’re not food bloggers 20150815_120719_resizedcuz we forgot to snap pics of the yumminess except for the lobster above and the 1/2 drank cherry lemonade. Oops – you’ll just have to take our word it was all super yummy. Love this pic of Joey Fortman, Real Mom Media… I did say to stay hydrated. LOL

Anyway, our list of munchies included THE amazing spudwich by 1 Potato Two (a hollowed out potato filled with a choice of traditional sandwich items like cheese steak and turkey/cheese). We had the cheese steak version and I so badly wanted to get another for the road… but there was so much more to consider before declaring a favorite. HOT DOG – it isn’t a party without a good hot dog, right? Well Victoria certainly felt that way and hopped in line for Vito’s Hot Dogs all by herself. The cashier had to meet her around the back of the truck to hand it to her. She was very pleased with her purchase. Shore Shake whipped up some creamy milkshakes for us: chocolate, of 2015-08-22 13.22.56course and peaches and cream for the little miss. And yes, we sucked them down without getting a photo too. Waffles topped with Godiva chocolate, raspberry drizzle and fresh strawberries… how Victoria resisted this, I’ll never know. It was superb. And lastly we tasted a savory pierogi dish with rice and pork from Pompier Pierogi Flats.


BUT if you missed this festival… no worries. Tuckerton Seaport & Baymen’s Museum holds many events through out the year, in fact they have several events booked for the remainder of the summer like a concert, an antique car show, a boat show, a couple Farmer’s Market days and then the October event I’m waiting for: Haunted Seaport with live music, crafts, haunted boat rides and so much more. Grab your tickets here for Oct 22-24.

20150815_135730_resized 20150815_140925_resized

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Top 2 Travel Tips for Older Kids

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This is a sponsored post by Necknappers, Smart Toys & Games and Educational Insights. We were given complimentary products for review. #sponsored

Necknapperz and travel games are a must for travel with kidsFamily travel is key for enhancing your child’s education experience. There are so many wonderful places to explore depending on your child’s interest. Some of our favorite places include Colonial Williamsburg or Gettysburg with a historical focus or the Tuckerton Seaport Museum for sealife exploration.

Now while there are plenty of blog tips for traveling with young children or suggestions for babies… and let’s face it – they can be the most challenging travel companions – but that doesn’t mean that our older children shouldn’t be considered as well.  Here are some suggestions for the older ones.

Tip 1: Most importantly – Consider Comfort.

This goes without saying that safety is first – ALWAYS – but moving past that we need to consider how important comfort is when we have a big day planned miles and miles away. travel toysComfort includes the basics like stopping for bathroom breaks and snacks. But it also means watching the volume on the radio… and the repeat button (we’ve all been there with the tot that wants to hear the same song over and over and over and…). Older children need their space, which might include some quiet time. Don’t be afraid to set a 10 mins of silence (NOT a timeout!!) period… just to collect thoughts. Be careful not to ask a million questions about how excited they are (again that over and over and over bit… kids hate that) and be careful not to over-promise on the destination. Comfort also means being physically comfortable for a long period of time. Consider a foot stool and when you make stops, perhaps have children switch seats (if that’s an easy thing to do). And here’s a big one… neck support, especially if sleep is expected. Necknapperz offers the perfect balance between support and travel companion as their unique neck supports convert into adorable plush stuffed animals.  Check out our video below for a quick demonstration. The kids love these because they are so soft and huggable and I love that their neck is being supported properly.  So keep all the comforts in mind as you plan your day trips. The more comfortable the travel, the more enjoyable the experience!!

Tip 2: Balance the Boredom

This is important for reasons beyond minimizing sibling arguments and maximizing excitement, but you want your children to be refreshed and ready for whatever learning opportunities are in front of you all. Bored minds turn off… think about it… have you ever had that Saturday that you knew you wanted to do something but just couldn’t figure out what and you couldn’t get excited about anything? Yeah, we want to avoid that for our kids on our day trips. Hours of nothing will wear a kid out and their minds won’t be open or receptive to the awesomeness of your planned trip.  And that would suck! Now that doesn’t mean you have to entertain them every five minutes… of course not, but do plan for a variety of activities both solo and family engaging.  When packing our luggage, the most important (and fun) part is packing the mom’s-tote-of-awesome… well, we actually call it the “fun bag” but I think I might rename it now. And yes, when my husband accidentally packed it in the back with the other luggage… I have made him pull over to retrieve it. It belongs up front, accessible at all times. We pack reading material, coloring books, travel games, Mad Libs, music (with headphones) and of course snacks. The point is, plan this part too… something for everyone.  We recently received a cool game from Smart Games USA that are perfect for traveling. IQ Fit (also in the video above) is great because each of the Riddle Cubepuzzle pieces fit inside the game board, securing them again bumpy rides. There are over a 100 puzzle combinations. The best part… it can be played alone or with a buddy. It is colorful and compact and will forever be in my “mom’s-tote-of-awesome” (seriously, that’s what I’m going to call it from now on).  Another game we recently received for review wasn’t designed as a travel game… but I think it is perfect for on-the-go fun. Riddle Cube from Educational Insights is packaged in a cube box (again compact) but the box itself holds the cards… so they won’t go sliding all over the place. The game is played by twisting 3D plastic cubes held together with tension wire and tubes, into a variety of geometric shapes. This too can be played solo or with others. I like that it is physical when your kids are otherwise confined. It gives them something to “do” and works their mind at the same time. There are 200 riddle shapes for hours of play and variety.

So all that and a discount too… Smart Games USA is providing a 10% discount on any game or toy purchased from Smart Toys & Games via their link. Now is a good time to think ahead on some of that holiday travel time in the car, holiday shopping lists and the on-going birthday invites that comes with a new school year.  Be sure to use promo code: SweetSte at checkout to apply the discount.

Bottom line… keep your car companions happy with comfort in mind and busting the boredom. Arriving at your destination will be all the more enjoyable and the family will be that much more ready to participate in and appreciate whatever activities and learning opportunities are before them.

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Step Back in Time with Jazz Age on the Delaware at the Glen Foerd Mansion

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#Sponsored post, whereby we were invited to a media preview for the Jazz Age on the Delaware event. All opinions expressed herein are strictly mine. Thank you Aversa PR & Event.


20150712_171713How often do you get a chance to emerge your child(ren) into a different time period… I mean “Back To The Future” style? Seriously, here’s your opportunity to leap back into the 20’s with Jazz Age on the Delaware this Saturday, August 1st from 11AM to 5PM.

20150712_185401 20150712_185143Not only will it be the party of all parties… but it will be held at the breath-taking Glen Foerd Mansion… on the waterfront. Stroll through the beautiful grounds, take a tour of the mansion or spread out a picnic blanket. No matter, it will be a day worth remembering.

20150712_174211 20150712_172820

Dress in your period best attire and don’t forget your dance shows. Charleston lessons at 11:15 AM (VIP) and noon.  The event will feature authentic 1920’s bands and dancing. Music by Drew Nugent & The Midnight Society, The Gin Canaries, and The Red Hot Ramblers with Chelsea Reed. Dandy Wellington, Old City Sweethearts and The Minsky Sisters will provide dancing entertainment.

20150712_165031Guests are encouraged to pack a picnic although snacks and beverages will be available for purchase by Jamie Hollander Gourmet Foods and Catering. Vintage cocktails will also be available… and they are super delicious.

Food, shopping, music, drinks, fashion, games, dancing and entertainment… all set to the beautiful 1920’s era. Perfect for sampling a fun-filled time of American history. For more information, please visit Glen Foerd’s website. Ticket info, parking and entertainment details (including VIP passes) can all be obtained here. We’ll see you at the party.

#jazzagephilly @glenfoerd collage showcasing the wonderful talent of #yesteryear @koryaversa #jazzageonthedelaware #vintage #vintagestyle #1920s #roaring20s

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This was seriously one of the best Mother-Daughter outings I've shared with my little darling. We had an amazing time and look forward to next year @glenfoerd @koryaversa #jazzagephilly #jazzageonthedelaware #vintage #1920s #roaring20s #jazzagelawnparty #mother #daughter

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