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Children’s Art Exhibit & Hands-On Program: Art Splash

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While this article is sponsored by the Philadelphia Museum of Art by way of complimentary program admission, the opinions expressed herein are strictly my own. #sponsored

Creative – Engaging – Inspiring: Art Splash


More colorful than ever, Art Splash returns at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the Perelman Building. Expect the same hands-on kid-friendly programs, tours and crafts as years past in this spacious and well-lit venue.


This year’s Art Splash program was inspired by Africa.  Everything from the contemporary photography to bronze sculptures and mask… the artistic African culture is present.  In true Art Splash form, children (and their adults) are welcome to a variety of art projects based on the five exhibit areas:

Look Again – Contemporary Perspectives on African Art “A major exhibition drawn from the collection of the Penn Museum” – Phila Museum of Art, Press Release July 2016


Vlisco – African Fashion on a Global Stage ” Explores the celebrated company’s most enduring designs, examines the process of creating a new textile, and showcases a selection of contemporary fashions by African and European makers as well as Vlisco’s in-house design team” – Phila Museum of Art, Press Release July 2016


Threads of Tradition “Focuses on traditional patterns in West and Central African textiles and the techniques used to create them, including strip weaving, resist dyeing, piecing, applique and embroidery” – Phila Museum of Art, Press Release July 2016


Three Photographers/Six Cities “Presents an in-depth look at three photographers who create powerful pictures of six African Cities: Cairo, Egypt; Nairobi, Kenya; Lagos, Nigeria; Johannesburg, South Africa; and Bamako and Tombouctou (Timbuktu), Mali.” “The images offer unique perspectives on contemporary African experience” – Phila Museum of Art, Press Release July 2016


Architecture of Francis Kere – Building For Community “Features a site-specifi, immersive environment designed by this world=renowned Burkina-Faso-born architect” – Phila Museum of Art, Press Release July 2016


The studio space is certainly accommodating with vaulted ceilings and plenty of sunlight. Sunlight casts a vibrant glow on the most colorful exhibit, “Colorscape” (See above picture) and of course, no art studio would be complete without workshop space for crafting.

African inspired Crafts

The Art Splash program runs through September 5, 2015 and offers many components: art studio projects, interactive exploration, book signings and festivals. There is so much to consider that I suggest bookmarking the Museum’s Art Splash page to get all the details. Here is the general schedule:


July 1 – 10 Travel
July 11 – 24 Design
July 25 – August 7 Build
August 8 – 21 Print
August 22 – Sept 5 Sculpt


Family Festivals & Art Workshops. The Sight & Sound festival is being held on August 7 (10 AM to 5 PM) with award singers, musicians and dancers, as well as, the Liberian Women’s chorus. Pay what you wish and perfect for all ages. Their music inspires and promotes change and social justice. Family Art Workshops are being offered July 16 & 23 for Design & Sew; July 30 & August 6 Sound Structures, and August 13 & 20 for Light Prints. Registration is required and classes are in addition to museum admission prices.

And there’s more… Family Art Cart, Splash Studio and Family Tours, all enhance your visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Highly suggested, entertaining and educational Early Bird or Art Explorers family tours are available for the youngest explorers. These tours take you on a path through the exhibits to introduce children to pieces of art through discussion, music, drawing, story and more. Having been on a many of their  tours, I must say these are definitely a highlight to our summer visits to Art Splash.


The Philadelphia Museum of Art is located at 2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA. 215-684-7840

“Evolving year over year but always true to being educational, creative and engaging for families, not just children.” H@H 2015

Be sure to add this to your summer plans.

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Art Splash – Interactive Family-Friendly Children’s Art Program at Philadelphia Museum of Art

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While this article is sponsored by the Philadelphia Museum of Art by way of complimentary program admission, the opinions expressed herein are strictly my own. #sponsored

Creative – Engaging – Inspiring:  Art Splash

Art Splash Logo

Art Splash is back for a third year… bigger and better than ever. We’ve had the privilege of attending this amazingly organized family art program each year. Evolving year over year but always true to being educational, creative and engaging for families, not just children.

Art SplashThis year’s program design is no disappointment with a new space in the former library, featuring a super cozy art lounge – perfect for reading, cuddling and building with blocks. drawing on blackboardThe Art Splash studio also features a huge wall chalkboard, allowing children to express their creativity and build off each others’ designs. And of course, no art studio would be complete with out workshop space for creating artistic projects.

Professionally executed, this Art Splash program has it all… a little something for everyone. This year’s theme was inspired by the children’s book A is for Art Museum, showcasing the alphabet through various famous pieces of art. This book has proven to be a successful concept in engaging children in art and has become the perfect backdrop for the newly created exhibition A is for Art Museum located adjacent to the Art Splash Studio.


The Art Splash program runs through September 7, 2015 and offers many components: art studio projects, interactive exploration, book signings and festivals. There is so much to consider that I suggest bookmarking the Museum’s Art Splash page to get all the details. Here are the highlight:

tablet pose with viaA is for Art Museum App. Guests can borrow a tablet from the Art Splash Studio equipped with an interactive and highly engaging self-tour tool. This app features art for each letter of the alphabet using way-finding technology to enable families to further explore the museum. art splash tabletThe tablets are protected in a sturdy hand-held case, designed for little one to carry. As you use the interactive map to find your way through the alphabet (not recommended to go ABC order, btw) the app will automatically sense when guests arrive in the room, offering a picture of the featured art piece for that letter. Families will then have clues, stories, history, activities, audio, etc elements to accompany the art. It’s all part of the adventure of discovering and “unlocking” the masterpiece art on display and participating as a family.  Brilliant.

art splash t is for treeA is for Art Museum Exhibition. Again inspired by children’s book by the same name, co-authored by Marla Shoemaker and Katy Friedland. The exhibit has three main sections: A for Animals, R is for Rivers and T is for Trees. Hands-on activities encourage children to get up close, pay closer attention to the details and offer their own creativity within the exhibit. a is for artMagnetic fabric leaves on a giant tree correspond with several pieces of artwork featuring nature and trees. Children are asked to select a leaf and match the color/pattern in the artwork adjacent to the mural tree. Hands-on activities such as these really embrace children’s tactical needs. No longer are all art museums consider “no touch”.

Splash Studio. “Let you creativity soar at the Splash Studio with new art projects throughout the summer.” (Press Release, Philadelphia Museum of Art)

June 30 – July12 R is for River
July 14 – 26 U is for Up Close
July 28 – August 9  T is for Trees
August 11 – 23  S is for Shadows
August 25 – Sept 7  A is for Animals


Family Festivals & Art Workshops. The Great Outdoors festival is being held on August 2 (10 AM to 5 PM) with the Okee Dokee Brother’s playing at 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM. Seating is limited so get there early. There music inspires children and parents to go outside and be creative. Family Art Workshops are being offered July 18 & 25 for Painting Up Close; August 1 & 8 Clay Creatures and August 15 & 22 for Nature Prints. Registration is required and classes are in addition to museum admission prices.

Art Splash Author & Illustrator Series. “Your favorite children’s books come to life in this interactive series. Mingle with the authors and illustrators, and enjoy inspiring readings.” (Press Release, Philadelphia Museum of Art)

July 15 – Flotsam by David Wiesner
August 26 – Wolfie the Bunny by Anne Dyckman & Zachariah Ohora

Family Tours. Highly suggested, entertaining and educational Early Bird or Art Explorers family tours. These tours take you on a path through the museum to introduce children to pieces of art through discuss, music, drawing, story and more. Having been on a couple of tours, I must say these are definitely a highlight to our summer visits to Art Splash.

Art Splash 2015The Philadelphia Museum of Art is located at 2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA. 215-684-7840


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Avoiding the Summer Brain Drain with Art & Van Gogh

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Continue with us as we explore fine art and famous artists this summer as part of the Summer Family Fun Series. This week, let’s have a closer look at Vincent Van Gogh. Here’s one of many of his self portraits… you’ll note that he doesn’t smile in portraits.

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh

His biography details a lonely and short lived life but his legacy shall live on forever.  Click on the image for additional facts about Vincent Van Gogh and continue below for more ways to bring this master artists to life today.

Do you remember Make Van Gogh’s Bed from last week’s Summer Family Fun article?  This fun story features textures for children to touch in the artwork and features two of Van Gogh’s famous artworks: “Van Gogh’s Bedroom at Aries” and “The Starry Night”.  And while speaking of touching art, here’s a free interactive “Touch Van Gogh” app to get behind the scenes in the featured painting. Below, check out the video tribute to Van Gogh – it is beautiful and showcases the lyrics for “Starry Starry Night” to honor “The Starry Night” painting and his amazing talent.

A very clever resource is Who Can Save Vincent’s Hidden Treasure? featuring a unique way for children to explore Van Gogh’s art. The book comes with a decoder, letters to his brother, Theo and map for an adventure back in time to explore Van Gogh’s world and studio.

Click here for an interactive kid-friendly informative tool.  Learn about his drawings and technique. For a little nonsense fun, check out this little game.  And for something a bit more engaging… try this online puzzle of “The Starry Night”.

This post was not sponsored. The ideas and opinions expressed herein are strictly mine own.

Van Gogh Hidden Treasure pic

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Avoiding the Dreaded Summer “Brain Drain” with Art & Edgar Degas

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So the Summer Family Fun Series continues, as does our art exploration. Last week we looked at Jackson Pollock thanks to a favorite little pig, Olivia. Since the story also contained “Ballet Rehearsal” by Edgar Degas, we figured why not explore Degas a bit further.

The same Classical Baby: The Art Show that we mentioned last week, also features the famous Edgar Degas painting, “Ballet Rehearsal” in a cleverly animated way.  Animation is a wonderful tool for introducing and engaging children in fine art. Here’s another example:

Another trick is using texture.  We love Make Van Gogh’s Bed because it showcases the artwork with a “touch the art” feature on each page. Check out “L’Etoile” below with the tulle skirt.

Touch the Art feature in Make Van Gogh's Bed

Touch the Art feature in Make Van Gogh’s Bed

Again, there are many great resources on Amazon or in your local libraries, these include: Degas and the Little Dancer, Junior Edgar Degas His Life and Art, and a personal favorite board book: Dancing with Degas. The Junior Edgar Degas is of particular interests as it is an ebook with geography, vocabulary and critical thinking built into its interactive format. It also features a quiz and free supporting materials.

Art is a great summertime topic because it combines so many fun elements.  Take this Edgar Degas Coloring Book, something the littlest ones and older ones can enjoy together, especially if combined with the Dancing with Degas board book as mentioned above. Older siblings can use both of these to engage younger siblings.  Art projects are great for rainy summer days or as a distraction from the heat… check out this Edgar Degas idea from The Crafty Crow.

For more Degas fun, visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art for the Dancers and Degas interactive online exhibit and tool kit.  We conclude our Edgar Degas round-up with a word search by

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Avoiding the Dreaded Summer “Brain-Drain” With Art & Jackson Pollock

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Finally, the summer has arrived and as much as we’ve all anticipated and waited and waited and waited for it… we dread the much feared “summer brain drain” syndrome.

At Homeroom At Home, we feel the summer offers the perfect time for crafting and art exploration. Many stores stock up on inexpensive crafting supplies and kits, so be sure to check out what is available and of interest. Perhaps, keep a small bin full of “rainy day projects” or add-on crafts.

In terms of introducing and exploring the mystery and fascination of fine art, consider the following fun example:Art Appreciation for Kids

My four year old loves the character Olivia… you know the adorable pink pig always dressed in red and black doing most adorable things. Well in the story titled Olivia this little pig takes a family trip to the art museum whereby the author/illustrator, Ian Falconer depicted two famous pieces of work – “Ballet Rehearsal” by Edgar Degas and “Autumn Rhythm #30” by Jackson Pollock.  So right there in the middle of a children’s story is the perfect opportunity to lightly discuss two very famous artists.  Now take this one step further with tools like Classical Baby: The Art Show, which also highlights a famous Jackson Pollock piece: “Number 1A”.  Sure this DVD is designed with babies in mind but seriously it is perfect for a backdrop while doing a simple craft or coloring. The art comes to life with classical music… and has been a favorite ever since we popped it in. Relaxing, inspiring and just amazing.  Now that we’re on a roll… let’s look at another favorite: Picasso That’s Who by Hope Harris.  We love this CD that highlights many famous artist and holds an underlying message that anyone can be an artist.  Be sure to check out the first track A-C-T-I-O-N which is all about Jackson Pollock, but the entire album is upbeat and inspirational.  You can check out our previous review here.  And then there are other resources for children, check out your local library or Amazon for the following cool titles: Jackson Pollock (Life and Work Of…), Jackson Pollock (Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists), and Action Jackson, not to mention this awesome book of activities called Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects, which offers a DIY Jackson Pollock activity. So many options, so much fun… and learning all the while.

This of course is only one example. Look to do the same with Edgar Degas or Picasso. This was not a sponsored post, although we do have an affiliation with Amazon. These suggestions and opinions are strictly my own. Enjoy and have some artistic fun this summer.

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NEST: The One Stop Solution Spot

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Somewhere between the birthday parties, homework, errands, and laundry we want to enjoy watching our children develop, play and explore. Especially if you have more than one child, the whirlwind of parenting sweeps us up and from one day to the next we might not be able to account for our “quality time”. And that’s where NEST comes in… an indoor play and activity center focusing on a large variety of enrichment and family programs. And while we will further explore this in just a moment, I want to point out that Nest isn’t just another indoor soccer field, arcade or YMCA but a total parent package find. Nest offers the following conveniences: a snack cafe, stroller parking, handicap access to lower level and nursing area, as well as, salon services in a kid-friendly environment and soon to be added photography. They host birthday parties and special events, as well as, a whole calendar of enrichment classes. This three story facility has it all, including a gorgeous chic shoppe and a WiFi accessible lounge.

Now if that doesn’t leave you drooling let me tell you about the classes. Broken into nine categories, Nest offers something for everyone… starting with newborns to approx age 7. Sports, cooking, art, music, enrichment, yoga, swim and movement with a couple of combo classes mixed in – who could ever get bored? Their classes run in twelve week sessions with the fall session beginning the week of September 10th and ending Saturday, December 8th with a make-up week December 10th -15th. Costs and schedule can be found on their website but since everyone loves bargains and flexibility… let me share this recent change:  NEST Family Movement class (held on Saturdays at 10 AM) has been reduced to $200 for the 12 week program AND will be offered as a “drop in” class for those families with otherwise busy weekends. The drop in rate is $20 and offers the flexibility to come to class as available instead of committing to the entire session. Either way – an amazing deal. A little more about this class: it is intended for family participation with children up to age 7. “Walkers, runners and jumpers will all enjoy high-energy activities that challenge their bodies and tickle their minds.” Using balls, parachutes, ramps and more expect to move and groove with this one. Please note, since they are mid-session, all programs are pro-rated. For more information please visit Nest’s website here or call 215-545-6378.

We had a wonderful time at our cooking demonstration and you can catch a glimpse of our afternoon activities with our short video. Via and I joined several other families to play upstairs and in the lower play space. We made delicious apple cream cheese filled tortillas with a watermelon mint smoothy. Oh so yummy. Our playdate was scheduled before the fall class session began so we had the extra privilege of romping around on the soft gym equipment that would otherwise we used for various movement classes. As you can see from our pictures and video, we had a fantastic time and will be visiting regularly.

Disclosure: We were invited to a preview event including a cooking demonstration, given a complimentary session and a facility tour. Via is enrolled in the Me and My Little Sous Chef.

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East Coast Bruce Springsteen Collection & Giveaway

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Bruce Springsteen Exhibit At the National Constitution Center, Philadelphia

Come explore the “From Asbury Park To The Promised Land; The Life and Music of Bruce Springsteen” exhibit at the National Constitution Center as a temporary but extraordinary showcase. This must see time capsule includes clips of Springsteen’s early music with the band “The Castiles”. Other early exhibit pieces include the band’s scrapbook and record labels. Following the exhibit space through Bruce’s personal collection of belongings tells many stories of the Americans people. Many songs are centered around specific events, like the September 11 attacks or life during the Vietnam War. Album after album, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band tell one compelling story after another, even if it is the everyday story of the everyday working class family. That is their charm; their legacy. With artifacts ranging from clothing pieces to concert photos and the large guitar collection, there is something for everyone to reflect on.

As for me, well, if I’m being totally honest, I’d have to admit prior to admission, I didn’t know much about Springsteen’s music or his political views or have the ability to even name more than a handful of his songs. I knew my father, John, could of course. My Dad related well to many of Springsteen’s themes and loves his unique and raspy rock & roll style. I’m glad I asked my Dad to join me. While we toured the exhibit, I got to glance back in time to things that mattered to my father’s generation. While my childhood concerns included learning to ride a bike and cutting gum out of my hair, Springsteen was writing about the working people of America and the everyday struggles they faced; my parents included. Never had I appreciated all this more than walking side by side with my father, reliving some memories and experiencing others for the first time. Springsteen’s talent with words and music simply transcends generations as well as, backgrounds, race and industry. His music simply speaks of the people and it was ever-so fitting that this exhibit sits at the National Constitution Center in historic Philadelphia.

Bruce Springsteens 1960 Chevrolet Corvette

On my tour, I was the child with my parent, learning and appreciating new things around every corner. As a parent, I encourage you to embrace the beauty of Springsteen’s musical ability to tell a story, open our hearts and actually teach a thing or two to your children. The exhibit held several interactive features including musical videos, a trivia game centered around major historical events that he wrote and sung about, musical clips of his earlier performances and his Oscar for “Streets Of Philadelphia”. His “Born In The USA” album cover outfit is available on showcase as well as, many other interesting and engaging items. Be sure to take an extra moment to reflect on the lyrics which are blown up from his original notepad to poster size.

A fantastic addition to a fabulously interactive historical museum. While visiting, be sure to stop by the popular “Six Word Memoir” and “Signers’ Hall”. Inside the main exhibit, you’ll find fascinating facts about our nation’s governing roots and our founding fathers’ struggles to create and sustain the government that is still in existence today. The National Constitution Center offers many hands-on activities, lectures, interactive displays and tools for education. Be sure to pick up the fold-out worksheet on Bruce Springsteen, as it ties his musical legacy to our nation’s constitution in an easy to understand manner. The worksheet has activities for your child to think through while taking in the exhibits, both the main floor and Springsteen exhibits. Additionally, the brochure titled “From Darkness To A Dream” features some of the photography of Danny Clinch and Frank Stefanko as they capture Springsteen’s journey in an artistic manner. Art is available on display in the exhibits and reproductions available for sale through the Morrison Hotel Gallery. And something as simple as the visitor’s guide has a couple of quick tips under the “Top 10” section… for a quick review/highlight.


Enter here for multiple entries to win a family four pack. The family four pack includes admission to the National Constitution Center, live performance of “Freedom Rising”, Signers’ Hall, and “From Asbury Park To The Promised Land; The Life and Music Of Bruce Springsteen” temporary* exhibit. (*Please note this exhibit is open now until September 3, 2012.) Be sure to leave a comment with your favorite Springsteen song and its significance to you.  Giveaway entries open until July 18, 2012.  Winner will be announced via email and must respond within 3 days to remain eligible.

The National Constitution Center is located at 525 Arch Street, Independence Mall, Philadelphia, PA 19106.  Visit their website at for more information, educational tools and museum store items.

In full disclosure, I had been offered a pair of complementary admission tickets to experience the Bruce Springsteen exhibit and tour the National Constitution Center. The ideas and opinions expressed here are solely mine. I was not compensated further for this review.

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A Creative Corner Of Havertown

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Creative hot spot alert!!

Recently, my daughter and I were invited to share in a morning of creative fun with the Creative Clubhouse in Havertown, PA.

Open floor space for puzzles and reading

As a prearranged session, the owners (Amy and Jess) were well prepared for some little ones that morning.  As a mother, I was very appreciative of the center’s organized design, variety of activities, and atmosphere of playfulness.  I felt at ease to sit on the floor with my daughter for some magnetic fun or to piece together a puzzle and loved the huge chalkboard wall where we could freely doodle about.

Although my morning was centered around a two-year old, Creative Clubhouse is just as equipped for the school-aged group, in fact one of the things I love most about this facility is there ability to engage both the younger ones and the older kids simultaneously.

Creative Clubhouse holds a variety of classes for consideration for the elementary school age.  The Powerful Pencils session is a creative writing workshop for ages 6-10.  Green Art is also designed for that age group.  World Art and Kitchen Lab and Puppets With Pencils offer a couple more choices for Kindergarten to about 3rd or 4th grade.  The Color Me Creative is suggested for those between 8 and 10 years old.

Let’s Paint!

Of course you could pop in for one of the Open Studio time slots, similar to our experience with multiple    crafting stations open and flexibility to move about the studio’s resources.   Please check out their website for dates, times, class information, pricing and of course membership details.

Lastly, let me point out the Creative Clubhouse also hosts birthday parties… with an exciting themed package complete w/ pizza or snack option to make the party planning all the easier.              484-504-9884

More puzzles and games!

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