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The Seekers: The Secret of the Turtles

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This is a #sponsored whereby we were provided a sample copy for purposes of this review. All opinions expressed herein are strictly my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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Children’s books come in many shapes, sizes and varieties. Some about princesses, while others about frogs. Easy readers, designed to capture a child’s interest while enhancing their reading and vocabulary skills.

The Seekers the Secrets of the TurtlesAnd then, my favorite… lap books, where cuddling is a prerequisite. Sometime I refer to these a “Granny reads” because I imagine my mom sitting close to the grandchildren, sharing these stories. Different from the “Granny reads” are those chapter books for reading aloud together. These are the kind that you crawl in your kid’s bed to read and leave on the nightstand for the follow evening.

That’s the kind of book The Seekers: The Secret of the Turtles is, authored by Cece Younger. It is just heavy enough, or wordy enough to be tricky as a read alone book, but with an adult’s inflection and perhaps interpretation, this story can best be enjoyed. We need these kind of stories… those that remind us that even though our little sprout is learning to read, or can read alone… they shouldn’t always be left alone to read. Again, different from those cute “message” books that I consider perfect Granny material… books like The Seekers: The Secret of the Turtles, allow children to express their inquisitive nature and expand their vocabulary.

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This is an adventurous tale of a princess, her magical gift, an incredible journey and a message of friendship. Like any journey, there are challenges and obstacles that Princess Isabeau and the Seekers must overcome and in doing so, characters are introduced and friendships bond. Guided by a mermaid and accompanied by a whale, Princess Isabeau is on the adventure of a lifetime while discovering herself and exploring the seas.

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Cozy Up With a Fantastic Story of the Seasons

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This is a #sponsored post whereby we were offered a sample copy of Cozy Light, Cozy Night book as a review. This post may contain affiliate links. The opinions expressed within are strictly my own.

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There’s something very cozy about Cozy Light, Cozy Night by Elisa Kleven in that the illustrations have so much texture. Scene by scene, you are really drawn into the season. The rhyming text flows so nicely from page to page, allowing you to pause as needed to take in the scenes. We read this aloud… it’s one of THOSE kind of books.

It’s a grandmother’s lap, kinda book… where you want to snuggle up and listen aloud as the seasons change in rhyme.

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Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall… the colors of the pictures are all the same but the technique really make each season its own. It is very interesting actually because my books about seasons uses more whites in the winter and jeweled tones for autumn… but here every page just flows into the next and the season blend as they do in the real world. The textured techniques really caught my eye as well, for instance the lacy pattern on the winter snow was so delicate but not to be missed. And of course, I loved seeing the Singer Sewing machine in the Summer scene being an antique collector of sewing machines.

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