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Toys, Tech & Games for the Best Holiday Gifts

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While this post isn’t sponsored, many of the toys, games and tech included in the attached Holiday Gift Guide were provided to us for review or promotional purposes. As always, the opinions expressed herein are our honest thoughts and strictly our own. Affiliate links are included, as this is one way to support this blog and content.

The magic of the season is upon us again. Bring on everything glitter and sparkle… and wine. This year we are particularly excited to share our best holiday gift finds for children because many of these brands have already passed the test of time. Klutz, for instance, has long been a Spalding Family favorite brand. Their kits and projects keep expanding the boundary of creativity and learning.

In previous years, we’ve featured Magformers… still going strong with their Police Set. Great for younger learners, this playset offers 50 builds in 1 kit. Children can make a variety of vehicles plus a police pistol, walkie-talkie and many other police themed transformations.

2019 is our best year for stocking success

We mixed it up with sock-size science, crafts, music, and games. Twelve amazing stocking ideas including another family favorite company: Worlds Smallest Toys. Check out their most adorable, on-the-go Crayola line with a crayon keychain to clip to a diaper bag, backpack or purse and their adorable color pencil kit, which comes with two mini coloring books… all in pocket-size perfection. And SLIME… hello? We’ve got ya covered with galaxy inspired slime products. And then there’s coding kits to fit in your palm. Code Car and Code Piano pack huge learning fun in the tiniest boxes. BIG creativity in tiny packages, perfect for sock stuffing.

A Guide to Tech Toys

We provide six tips for picking out cool tech toys, beyond “don’t forget the batteries”. Technology is one of the trickiest gifts to consider but it’s among the most requested. Want a stand out gift that gets used and appreciated vs shelved and forgotten… check out page 4 of our Holiday Gift Guide.

No Holiday Gift Guide of ours would be complete without GAMES…

We highlight 16 incredible family learning games for all ages. Familiar themes like Jeopardy, in a card game version and newbies like Otrio and Poop Tracks. We turned a charades-like, activity challenge game into a family learning night with Root Beer Float Challenge, highlighting the science behind all the foam. Dice games, trivia, card games, and coding… we have something for everyone in the family.

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Yoga Intro to Children Through Fun Family Game: Yoga Spinner

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We are thankful to ThinkFun for providing us a review sample of Yoga Spinners in exchange for our honest opinion and feedback. The opinions expressed herein are strictly my own. This post contains affiliate links.


Yoga Spinner by ThinkFun is the perfect introduction to Yoga for young family members. This game is multi-player and super simple to set up. With little time needed for directions or set up, your family can get right to playing without delay.

Check out our quick Youtube review/demo below:

Game is played by participant’s spinning the spinner on his/her turn and depending where the arrow lands, you select a matching card and do the pose… holding it for 10 seconds. Some cards require two people for the post. Winner must successfully complete one mission from each of the Yoga challenge cards.





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Geometric Puzzle Fun With ShapeOmetry Game

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This #sponsored post is brought to us by Think Fun. The opinions expressed herein are strictly my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

ShapeOmetry Profile Pic

Math isn’t the easiest thing… and certainly not trendy either. So no wonder it can be difficult sometime to get our children engaged in activities that are math-focused. ShapeOmetry is a family game, building on logic skills along with abstract and spacial reasoning, and mathematical strategies.

The game is placed solo or with a partner and the object is to solve the puzzle challenge cards as they increase in difficulty level. Each card shows you the exact blue and green game pieces to use to build identical shapes in blue and green. Trust us… it’s trickier than it sounds. Don’t be fooled with the simplicity of design or the preschool colors… this game packs some challenge.

ShapeOmetry 2

Speaking of packing… the mesh bag is quite convenient for storage and travel. And as Greg mentions in the below video, it makes for easy beach clean up should you choose to pack it in your late summer beach travels (it’s not too late). Either at home or on the go… ShapeOmetry offers a puzzling good time.

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Explore the Wild With Jungle Hide & Seek Game & Jungle Theme Stories

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We’ve partnered with SmartGamesUSA for a series of games and puzzle reviews. We are very excited to be working with them to provide our readers with an honest review of Jungle Hide & Seek. Affiliate links may be contained in this post. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are strictly my own.

Jungle Profile Pic

If there’s one theme that gets kids really going… it’s the wild of the Jungle. We’ve done many variations with the jungle theme because there are tons of craft ideas and great reading selections… not to mention all the animal science and habitat discovery. Here the Jungle Hide & Seek puzzle game by SmartGamesUSA pairs nicely with a couple favorite Barefoot Books: The Animal Boogie and Walking Through The Jungle (both with catchy songs and CD’s). Go wild with this theme… or just enjoy a fun puzzle with some family quiet time. Either way, you can’t go wrong with Jungle Hide & Seek and these Barefoot Books.

Jungle Hide & Seek 3

Jungle Hide & Seek is a puzzle game from SmartGamesUSA, challenging players as a single person game. Similar to well-known, Rush Hour, Jungle Hide & Seek has multiple puzzle challenges which provides lot of game play and ensures players remain on their toes. Jungle Hide & Seek is particularly meaningful because it showcases a dual-sided game board, which incidentally works as storage for the puzzle pieces. On one side you have traditional jungle animals like elephants, tigers and a baboon. On the flip side, children are introduced to nocturnal animals including the lemur, fox, and panther. Aside from being a terrific brain activity, I really like that Jungle Hide & Seek can be partnered with Halloween themes around creatures of the night. It could be used as a party game using teams. We typically leave the spooks to other families and focus on nocturnal animals for our Halloween festivities and activities. It’s all about adding in a layer of learning while having a great time.

Jungle Hide & Seek Profile Pic

As I mentioned above, Jungle Hide & Seek partners perfectly with several of our personal library books on jungle animals. If you are going to the zoo as a family or class trip, this is a perfect game to follow that experience because it speaks to the animals of the wild. Likewise, if you read a lot of stories about animals, Jungle Hide & Seek will help to bring the two activities together. This game will surely become part of our Jungle curriculum, as well as, our Animal Adventures series, both coming soon.

Walk Thru The Jungle & Animal Boogie BFB

Jungle Hide & Seek offers 80 challenges building in complexity. It is perfect for ages 7 to adult… and yes, I’ve challenged myself a couple times and have gotten as far as puzzle card #23. There are four puzzle pieces (with a green and blue side each). Using the corresponding side, players use all four puzzle pieces for each challenge and trust me, it’s a lot more challenging than I’m describing. And a little bit addicting. #JustSaying

Jungle Hide & Seek Jungle Hide & Seek 4Walking Thru The Jungle BFB

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Tally Ho Makes Great Addition to Family Game Night Lineup

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We greatly look forward to family game night, especially when partnered with brands such as Thames & Kosmos. We were offered a sample copy of this game for review purposes. The opinions expressed herein are strictly mine as an honest review of the game. #Sponsored  This post may contain affiliate links.

Tally Ho 2(1)

Tally Ho, a game of hunting one another by out witting the other. Tally Ho is a two player game where one player plays as lumberjacks and hunters, while the other player plays bears and foxes. Tally Ho has elements of chess, but you must flip over the pieces in order to find your own pieces on the board. Bears hunt the hunters and lumberjacks, foxes hunt the other woodland animals, while the hunter hunts all the animals and the lumberjacks cut down trees.


Tally Ho is a unique tile game, geared for family members 8 years old and older. Similar to Chess and Stratego mixed, it requires planned moves and strategic thinking to out-move your opponent. We recommend this game as a new addition to your family game nights.


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Five Fun Family Games from Sweet Suite

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A big thank you to Blogger Bash and #SweetSuite as well as the brands for providing us with samples of these games. The descriptions and opinions below are strictly my own. This post may contain affiliate links. #Sponsored

Rollers 2

Family game nights are a highlight for our family. We like games in dice form, cards, board games and yes, of course the video game variety. With a recent visit to Blogger Bash, I’ve been introduced to a couple new games that I had to show my family. Here are five of our favorites… with more surely to come. Like I said, we love games!!

1. Rollers – With properties of Yatzi, Rollers is a dice game that incorporates strategy with the luck of the roll. It can easily be played with 2 players or up to 5. Perfect game for families with different age children/players. Plays in approx 30 mins or less.

2.  Circuit Maze – Highly interesting and challenging puzzle game, whereby players are building an electric circuit with light up pieces. Multiple challenge levels from beginner to expert. A great collaboration game. Ages 8 to adult

Circuit Maze

3. Perplexus Mini – Just like the original size, only perfect for small hands or travel. Perplexus is a maze toy, requiring the player to navigate the twists and turns of the maze. Drop this “multi-dimensional tilt-maze fun” into your purse for on-the-go entertainment for your children.

perplexus mini

4. Tally Ho – Feels a bit like memory but definitely has a strategic element to it. Tally Ho is great for a family with children 7 and older and plays in less than 30 mins. It is nice that there are no small pieces, just the board and the tiles. Recommended for family game night.

Tally Ho 3

5. Twizmo Words – This cube catches the eye of anyone passing it. Looks like the Rubix Cube but plays quite differently in that Twizmo Words is played with 2 or more players. Players take turns starting with a scrambled cube and the idea is to create a word with a minimum of 4 letters. Any other player can call out a 7 letter word and immediately will the points. Points are awarded for each letter of the word. In our case, we used 3 letter words since Victoria is an early reader/speller. Game play is quick, so if you only have 10 mins, this is perfect to have handy. And, like the Perplexus mini… it fits in a purse or school bag for easy travel.

Twizmo Words

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Middle Empire – Strategy Game Made Easy to Play

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Middle Empire
#Sponsored post whereby we were given a complimentary copy of Middle Empire for review. The contents of this post, opinions, etc are strictly my own. This post may contain affiliate links. #ad


A strategic game… made easy! Wait… What? When do you ever see that? Well, Middle Empire, a NateCo Holding’s game, has created a strategic game without all the fuss of setting up.  And even better yet, for those super busy families… the game play is estimated at 30 mins. In fact our games have only taken about 20 mins each.

Watch our video below to see how easy it is to set up and play.

We’ve always been a board game kinda family. We enjoy classics like Monopoly or Yahtzee but our favorites are strategic games like Settlers of Catan. Middle Empire offers elements of Catan but plays in a much shorter time frame… Catan can take an hour and half vs 20-30 minutes. Like Catan, Middle Empire has opponents building roads and moving into adjacent spaces. Middle Empire’s board game regions were inspired by countries or regions of the Middle East of long ago.

Middle Empire sale sign

We have really enjoyed playing Middle Empire both as a 2 player game and 3 player game. Middle Empire offers enough variety to play again and again. It is designed for an older crowd (13 years +) and perfect for that naptime slot if you have both younger and older children. Again, we love the playing time is shorter than most strategy games… it allows us to squeeze in a game during an otherwise busy day.

Middle Empire is available for purchase at a special Middle Empireintroductory price of $27.99 with FREE SHIPPING. No coupon code is needed but this sale price is for a limited time. Although Middle Empire is available via Amazon, you must order directly through to secure the introductory price and free shipping.


NateCo Holdings is a local company with distribution out of Delaware. This is a sponsored post, whereby we were given a complimentary game for review. The opinions and text expressed herein are strictly my own. #sponsored


Middle Empire

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International Tabletop Day – Family Gaming Fun

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April 11, 2015 is International Tabletop Day, a globally recognized event whereby encouraging people to gather to play board games, dice games, card games – you know, tabletop games.

We are hosting our first #Tabletopday event in our South Jersey home. For tickets and information on this community event, please register here.  This is a FREE event, perfect for families and folks of all ages. Some of the games available at our event include classics like Life, Sorry and Connect 4, in addition to cooperative games such as Mermaid Island and Forbidden Island. Games for younger ones include Rush Hour, Busy Time and Monopoly Junior. We have a large selection of games for teens/adults that includes Ascension, SKOSH, Munchkin, Gloom and many more. The pre-teen crowd might appreciate the DVD interactive games we will have available (Atmos-Fear and Pirates of the Caribbean). Truly something for everyone.

Again if interested, please register via for this FREE event.

International Tabletop Day is a globally recognized event by which people gather to participate in and celebrate tabletop games. International Tabletop Day was founded three years ago and can be further explored at

For other local International Tabletop Day events, please visit their official website at Events are being held all over and we highly encourage participation as it gives you an opportunity to try a game you haven’t seen or to test-drive one you had your eye out for. International Tabletop Day allows for interaction with other players… and sometimes games require teams or multi-players – and well, here’s your opportunity. We look forward to being introduced to a game that we didn’t know was on the market and personally… I appreciate having someone show me the set up and basics of a game vs having to comb through the instructions (and sometimes those instruction manuals can be something of a novel). All great advantages to International Tabletop Day.

*Disclosure: We were afforded the opportunity to review SKOSH from Goldbrick Games. We were not compensated for this review and all the information contained above is strictly our own opinion. Thank you, Goldbrick Games for a trivia game that I actually have a shot at winning against my “trivia junky” husband. We really enjoyed playing and looking forward to featuring this team-based game at our International Tabletop Day event.

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