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JBF Bargain Madness – Shop, Save & Sell

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JBF Just Between Friends
This post is sponsored by Just Between Friends of Mercer County & Western Gloucester County. And while we were provided compensation for the article, the opinions contained herein are honest and strictly our own. We have been long-standing fans of the JBF franchise and below is an account of our personal experience.


JBF Just Between Friends

Easter is quickly approaching and I don’t know about you but this soon after Christmas, I’m kinda looking for simple, inexpensive (preferably non-edible) basket fillers. We do practical stuff like socks, bath bombs and lip balm… but isn’t it fun to jazz it up a little too? The Western Gloucester County Just Between Friends consignment sale, early March is our perfect solution to finding and filling an affordable, fun Easter basket. This is what I will be seeking specifically:

  • Calico Critters
  • America Girl or Journey accessories
  • Bath salts, bath bombs or bubble bath
  • Socks – they always need socks
  • My Little Pony mini dolls/ponies
  • A journal
  • Shopkins
  • Chapter books

Navigating the JBF Sale

Here are my BEST suggestions for a successful shopping experience:

  •  Get the pre-pass!! Yup, it’s worth it to pay the admission ticket price or better yet, become a consignor with volunteer hours and get in early. Just be there EARLY.
  • Dress comfy. I wear a jacket that easily holds my phone and keys and debit card. No purse.
  •  Know what you are looking for. There is SOOOO much and it is easy to get distracted by an awesome deal that wasn’t on your watchlist, so know what you came for… and get it first.
  •  Budget your time. Expect to spend more time than you would a department store. With shoes, clothing, games, toys, sporting gear, outdoor play, infant supplies, furniture… this is kinda a “pop-up” department store. I would not expect to be able to adequately take advantage of the sale on a lunch break.
  •  Don’t forget the big ticket items.  It is easy to see all the toys and clothing and not think ahead about the potential big ticket or bulky items until you walk in. Have a back-up plan in case you come across a must-have heavy piece.
  • See something unique, priced too good to be true, or just calling your name… grab it… chances are it won’t be there by the time you walk back through. That being said, there are many items that are in multiples with lots of selection… for these I would consider the 1/2 off sale on Sunday. For instance, I look for shoes immediately but return on 1/2 off Sunday for costumes and books.
  • Make sure your trunk is empty – sounds silly but I’ve easily bought 3 trash bags full of stuff and thankfully had the room in my trunk but not because I thought ahead. I just got lucky.

Mark You Calendar

Not one… but two local sales. This means double the savings, double the shopping!

Just between friends consignment sale Just Between Friends Congsignment

Comparing Sales… there is NO Comparison to JBF

More options, better finds… less stress – JBF wins in my book. That’s not to say I’ll won’t shop Facebook yardsales, flee markets or consignment shops… of course I’ll be curious from time to time to stop by. I love the thrill of finding an incredible bargain, but I also know not to hold my breathe. With JBF, I can almost certainly count on being able to find new with tag items, which could be gift ideas, and terrific clothing selections, working toys and so much more… all under one roof that accepts credit cards and offers a holding station.

From Shopper to Consignor

Interested in making money instead of just spending money? Here are my top tips for consigning with JBF:

  • Designate a space to hold items you organically come across that no longer fit or are no longer needed/wanted
  • Review the JBF price guide
  • Invest in stain remover for all your children’s laundry – I seriously saved many, many clothing items from horrible stains, which then meant I could resell them.
  • Price and print 9-18 tickets at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed with tickets. Start tagging weeks in advance.
  • Invest in a couple of oversized totes to store items from season to season/sale to sale.
  • Invest in batteries – toys and baby gear must be in working order which includes working batteries. Shoppers look for toys that they can turn on – it totally makes sense.
  • Consider donating all or any of your unsold items to the charity Mercer County & Western Gloucester County JBF partnered with, The Unforgotten Haven. This is designated on your tags through the tagging system.
  • Consider using the Valet Tagging Team if you don’t have time to tag. This is a great convenience for those consignors on a time budget. Valet consignors make 45% of their sales (after a $20 consignor fee). The items are dropped off to a VIP tagger who does all the tagging work and brings them to the sale.
  • Volunteer and make a higher percentage of your sales… plus work along side the pros of the business.

Whether you are gearing up for spring sports, looking for Easter basket fillers, or just looking for a feel-good bargain… Just Between Friends of Mercer County & Western Gloucester County IS totally the place to be. Mark your calendars, set your reminders and invite your whole Facebook fan club. There truly is something for all kids. Grab a neighbor, friend or coworker and find me at the sale.

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Second Hand is a Helping Hand… Consignment Blessings

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Sale, Discount, Bargain… Consignment

Easily these signs get me excited because like most, I love a good bargain. Finding toys, books and clothing at a fraction of a price, just makes my day. Naturally, I jumped at the invitation to a presale event with Just Between Friends Consignment earlier this week. Check out my video below for a peek at my sale finds.

Consignments sales are perfect for building your personal library of resources. Creating a lesson plan around animals or pirates, multiplication practice or chemistry… definitely check out the treasures to be unburied at these sales. I like to look for educational puzzles and games, items for teaching geography, tools for learning states & capitals, and period costumes. I picked up some items to round out our Adventure Series: Horsing Around lesson, including an American Girl riding outfit – cap, boots and all. I also grabbed a toddler Renaissance outfit and a microscope, among some other toys and shoes for everyday events. Beyond the learning toys I found, I also came across larger sizes of Renaissance dress-up wear (girls and boys), pirate costumes, 20’s Flapper Dress, arts & craft supplies, science experiments, and building kits. There was such a variety!

Microscope found for $5

Tables and tables of games and toys

Just Between Friends makes shopping (and consigning) easy with two fall events:

JBF Western Main Line (Oaks)

Thurs, Sept 13 – Sat, Sept 15

Greater Philadelphia Expo Center – Hall C


JBF Reading Fall Event

Thurs, Sept 27 – Sat, Sept 29

Greater Reading Expo Center

Saturdays at both sales are Half Off Days!!

You must check out these articles on this event with excellent tips for shopping on consignment and the advantages of becoming a consignor.  Super Exhausted with Sherry and Delco Deal with Kelly and A Life In Balance with Barb.

Disclosure:  I was invited to a presale blogger event at JBF Consignment and given a shopping credit in exchange for this post.  All the opinions and tips expressed here are strictly mine.

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