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Deducktion: Logic Puzzle Game For On-the-Go Fun

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This is post was #sponsored by SmartGamesUSA by which we were provided a complimentary copy of Deducktion in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts and opinions expressed herein strictly my own. This post contains affiliate links.


Quite simply, Deducktion is a logic puzzle game similar to other SmartGamesUSA reviews we’ve done like Little Red Riding Hood last week. Deducktion comes with cards to present 48 increasingly difficult challenges.


The one major thing that differentiates this puzzle game from others that we’ve enjoyed is the magnetic component that makes Deducktion the perfect travel game. The cards are contained in a spiral bound binding and the game includes a flat, sturdy, magnetic boardgame as the back cover. The game is compact and held closed with a snap. It is very well designed for travel and the magnets are strong enough to keep pieces in place… this isn’t a given as I’ve seen poorly crafted travel games with weak magnets, but that’s not the case with Deducktion.



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Walls & Warriors Connect Strategic Thinking with Literacy

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Connecting Critical Thinking skills and Literacy

We love when a game ties critical thinking skills to a love of reading or a topic a child is passionate about.

Thank you SmartGamesUS for providing us a review copy of Walls & Warriors. The opinions expressed herein are strictly my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Connecting Critical Thinking with Literacy

Back to school is in full force and in the spirit of things – we’ve found the perfect pair for connecting strategic thinking skills with literacy. Another SmartGamesUS puzzle game, Walls & Warriors, (coming soon) with knights and a castle is perfect for our adventure stories of knights and midevil times. Victoria was fascinated to learn that castles truly exist and aren’t just “part of the story”. We love the book  I Wonder Why Castles Had Moats by Philip Steele that showcases the inside of a castle… including the ever-famous bathroom. What really went on behind those stone walls? It is a great resource for bringing fantasy and history together. And as long as we’re talking castles and all… be sure to check out SmartGamesUS’ Castle Logix game as well.


Couple the Walls & Warriors puzzle game with fictional stories about knights, such as The Barefoot Book of Knights by John Matthews. Children won’t realize that they are exercising their critical thinking skills while playing the game, especially if listening to the narrated version of the stories or chatting about them should you have had your reading time prior to game play. Either way… take the theme to a whole new level and completely amp up the educational value of these resources when paired together.


Below you can see that the puzzle is appropriate for varying ages with 60 challenge cards, multiple knights (blue and red) and a single castle to defend. There are four wall pieces used to enclose any number of the blue knights (based on the challenge card layout) and the castle. The first few are pretty simple, even for Victoria (age 6) but they do get more challenging. I think everyone in the family has picked up this game on their own to play… something about the pieces and design that is enticing. LOL SmartGamesUS nailed it on this one.


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