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Whiffer Sniffer: Valentine’s Day Alternative to Candy

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Whiffer Sniffer scented plush toys
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Whiffer Sniffer scented plush toys

With “The Holidays” behind us… we quickly can see that another is fast approaching. And although less emphasis is given to Valentine’s Day, it is still highly commercialized and offers us nothing short of an abundance of candies, sweets and chocolates… just after we’ve had our fill of pies, cookies and candy canes and ever tempting us to fall away from our health conscious New Year’s resolutions. But fret none, as we have a terrific alternative for Valentine’s Day: Whiffer Sniffer.

Whiffer Sniffer

Whiffer Sniffers are adorable plush backpack collectibles scented with authentic flavor favorites. Imagine the scratch-n-sniff stickers we grew up with, only in plush… and no scratch needed. These Whiffer Sniffers have the allure of Shopkins with cute facial expressions and perfect attention to detail, but transcend the age band that Shopkins toys reaches because Whiffer Sniffers are fun-loving for any age.

Personality scents like Marty McPie, Rudy B. Float and Berry Toasty are fantastic for Valentine’s Day. And now, introducing two additional scented personalities to sweeten your holiday: Shirley Sweet with a chocolate cupcake scent and Larry Lovett, a Boston cream donut. Oh Yum!

In our family, we celebrate Valentine’s Day as a gesture of affection and appreciation. And while we have participated in some of the traditional means of celebrating (flowers, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, etc) we strive for less commercialized ways to acknowledge the holiday. With fun (and long-standing) scents, Whiffer Sniffers are the perfect nod of affection without going over the top. Of course, if going over the top is your jam… Whiffer Sniffers can easily help balance the traditions of chocolates and sweets with an unexpected, fun-loving token of non-edible deliciousness. Either way… #WinningValentine’s.

Whiffer Sniffers, while falling into the collectibles category, don’t just collect in the junk drawer. Clipped to lunch boxes, sports bags, and backpacks they have a scented purpose. Consider leaving one clipped in the car for a fun treat or the coat closet. Wherever their colorful personalities land them, they are sure to entice smiles and big whiffs.


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FlipaZoo 2 In 1 Stuffed Animal Plush Toy Holiday Gift Guide Review

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Flipa Zoo
Disclosure: While we were provided samples of the FlipaZoo plush, the opinions expressed herein are strictly our own. We only provide honest reviews and feedback. Thank you Jay at Play for the review items. #sponsored This article may include affiliate links.


FlipaZoo – cuddly animal plush toys that are actually two toys in one. Each FlipaZoo converts into a second zoo animal. Simply flip the back or the body of the animal over its head and it transforms into another pet. These super soft pets will easily become a favorite sleeping buddy, tv watching companion and travel friend.


This holiday season consider pre-purchasing zoo tickets or a family membership and attaching it to a FlipaZoo, giving both an experience and a toy in one.  We enjoyed talking about our recent trip to the Cape May Zoo when these guys arrived for review. Turtles are a family favorite, so it was easy to get attached to the turtle one.

These zoo buddies are perfect for cuddled storytime. We decided to read about elephants, tigers and turtles… given those are the FlipaZoo friends we received.

FlipaZoo is available at Walmart and Amazon for approx $20 making them a very affordable gift idea.  Grab a couple of these cuddle buddies for the cuddle bugs in your lift and enjoy the snuggles.

With the holidays coming… children’s lists are created and “hot” toy guides are everywhere. We’ve got one too and you can find all sorts of excitement for the young at heart on your gift buying list. Check ours out below.

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