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Bring on the Circus – Learning Fun Under the Big Top

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Who doesn’t love a big show, the excitement of live animals and electrifying acts? Exactly!

The circus is much more than a clown act.  It’s a wonderful learning opportunity from physics to animal science.  An exciting elephant act can lead to great discussion about different species and how elephants are important to the animal kingdom and human society. For more info on elephants click here but keep in mind the same could be done for the Big Cats, horses and any circus animal act.  The video below describes how science is the center of the circus and adds a whole new dimension to the wonder of the circus.

The Franklin Institute had a wonderful exhibit on the Circus, again showcasing the physics and science behind the various components of a “big top” show.   Check out the humorous Fox 29 News video in the link below:

FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV

If you hadn’t a chance to catch the circus yet this year, here’s a list of opportunities in our area or check out our review of the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus from a few months back.  We had an amazing time and know you will too. Check out these tours:

Big Apple Circus

Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey

Cole Bros. Circus of the Stars

My favorite of today’s circus is the mix of technology and tradition.  I love the aerial and trapeze acts which are blended with illumination and sounds effects, enhancing these magical moments of dare.  The circus has an element of illusion and magic.  And speaking of the art and science of illusion, here’s the link to The Illusionist playing in Feb 2015 at the Academy of Music, Philadelphia.

Comment below with your favorite circus act or a lasting circus memory.

Ringling Bros

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Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus – A Show for All

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Circus Fun Photo courtesy of Homeroom At Home

Circus Fun
Photo courtesy of Homeroom At Home

There’s something magical about the circus. As a child I went twice to the Big Top and loved everything about the experience. As a mom, I wanted to provide this experience for my children since it is like no other. When my son was much younger, I took him to a couple smaller local circus productions. It was entertaining, comical and somewhat thrilling but nothing, wait let me clarify… NOTHING beats the excitement and thrill of the real deal: Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey. Now years later, my daughter had the true pleasure of their “The Greatest Show On Earth” and couldn’t have been more elated.

Greatest Show on Earth Photo by Homeroom At Home

Greatest Show on Earth
Photo by Homeroom At Home

So what’s so amazing? Hasn’t everything already been done? Is it any different than when we were children screaming for our cotton candy? Well, the traditions of the circus is still very much the same – live animals showing off their individual talents (we loved the elephants best), clowns and acrobats and yes of course the cotton candy and snow cones , but here’s where things are different and better…

– Instead of clowns tripping over their own feet and fitting 7-13-18 or so into a dinky car, the comedy is less slapstick and more engaging.  At the Atlantic City show the “clown”  spoke and interacted with the other acts – it was so refreshing, although I still hold an artistic appreciation for the more traditional clown acts as well.

– The Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey circus is constantly reinventing themselves with daring acts of never-seen-before amusements and entertainment.  So NO, it’s not all been done before and the newer acts are perfectly blended with the traditions of old.

– A lot of the thrill and excitement is generated by the sound effects and technology.  Sound being part of the background or used as a prop really compliment the experience.  Much like a hockey or basketball game, the filler songs and sound bits keep you energized and entertained while the next performance act is setting up.  Their sound production is top quality and has come leaps and bounds from my childhood circus experience.

–  Lights, lasers and technology have put this production over the top!!  The lighting and laser presentations truly enhance each part of the circus experience, making it bigger than life.  WOW – some of these acts lit up like nothing I’ve seen.

When you put all these elements together, the mystical and exciting music compilations coupled with colorful and strategic illumination to showcase amazingly talented and/or heart-warming performers… it truly is The Greatest (and most unexpected yet traditional) Show On Earth.



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